Others would think that having a wooden type of fence could not be possible since you are thinking about the negative thoughts about it only and you are not trying to consider the possible ways to make this one stand out from others and to keep the quality better for more than 10 years. Even the fence company Alpharetta would tell you about the good and the bad sides of the wooden materials but this is natural and similar as well to the different types of materials like the steel or the iron where you can see them as very strong and nice to use but sooner or later without the proper maintenance, they can experience rusting all over the place and it doesn’t look good anymore since it is full of rust and no one can touch because it is becoming dirty and dangerous.  

When you are taking good care of your fence, then you can immediately think of the good points now like cleaning it every time would be a good help. You have to consider the lower part or the bottom area of the wooden fence as they are more prone to dirt and you need to ensure that they are in a good way or state so that they can stand still there for a longer time. You may use a cleaning solution but you need to be very careful when it comes to this matter as you don’t want to harm your fence and you are not supposed to use it without reading the manual or the instructions to avoid some accidents or over using of the cleaning agent.  

You need to make sure that you are going to let the cleaning material to stay there to the fence for about 20 minutes time so that it can be very good and it will remove the dirt and the possible stain that it has there. After waiting for some time, you need to rinse the surface with some water and it is nice if you are going to use the pressure washing so that it can totally remove the dirt and make sure that you can achieve the cleanliness that you really want here.  

Avoid doing this one during the rainy days as it will give you a hard time to dry the fence so it is wonderful if the weather is fine or during the summer holidays and season. Of course, you should not forget about the sealant so that it would not be easily destroyed and damaged by the insects and different factors that may stay and ruin it.  

If there are some damages, then you need to make sure that you will fix it immediately and avoid cleaning the fence without taking good inspection of the overall fence. There are some other people who will apply something to the wooden fence so that the pest would not stay there most of the time. You can paint this one as well with the color that you really like and want.