Did you know that your wall’s paint color can affect your mood? Based on the research done by the American Psychological Association, colors can affect both the body and mind. Hence, when a room makes you feel gloomy, down, or sad, you can uplift your mood by simply changing your interior’s paint color. In this article, we will be discovering the psychology behind a few of the most well-used colors for you to come up with an informed decision on what to use for your residential painting project. Keep on reading to learn more about this matter: 

Calming Blue 

No one cannot go wrong with blue if you’re planning to make a feeling of calmness and freshness. Blue is the best paint color for a bathroom or bedroom, where it can be used as a place that can stimulate serenity and relaxation. Moreover, it can help clean the mind of a person and minimize their blood pressure. Moreover, blue shades can make a unified and complemented look with other color shades.  

Exciting Red 

Red is an intense color that screams excitement and energy. That’s the major color psychology behind the reason why almost all fire engines are painted red. Red can also trigger hunger, which makes it a perfect paint color option for dining rooms and kitchens. If you want to try a bold color option, then red paint is probably for you. However, the color red is not the best option to paint for areas where you would like to lounge and relax in, such as your bedroom since this color is recognized to stimulate and increase blood pressure, aggression, and irritability. 

Cool White 

The most commonly used color in houses is white. Try to recall any room that you’ve visited recently. There’s a possibility that, at some point, it was painted white. White is a color that symbolizes freshness, cleanliness, and purity, which are the major reasons why it’s utilized in bathrooms, kitchens, and hospitals. While white can help any area look more spacious, keep in mind that it can make it feel isolated and cold as well. Hence, the color white may not be the greatest option for a kitchen or living room. As a neutral, light color, white is a good option to use for trims and moldings as it can make other paint colors stand out.  

Regal Purple 

If you’re planning to make an area as fitting and luxurious for a queen or king, then you may choose to paint your home office, living room, or even your master bedroom in a purple shade. Apart from prosperity and wealth, purple is a color that helps convey creativity and relaxation. Moreover, it’s naturally a rare sight to see, making this color and intriguing paint feature to add to your home.  

Soothing Green 

Green is a vibrant color that stimulates peace, tranquility, and nature, which makes a lot of people go outdoors to relax. Painting your room’s walls green can have a soothing effect that can help minimize anxiety and nervousness.  

If you’ve decided on which color to paint your home, simply search painters near me on the internet and find the most reliable painting company today.